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Thena C. Crowder Early Childhood Diagnostic & Special Education Center

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Miami, FL 33150

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Dr. Ann Marie Sasseville, Site Administrator

Phone 305-836-0012

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Prekindergarten Special Education

This is a wonderful site with information for teachers and families.  Chock full of resources and downloads!

Reports and Resources

Office of Exceptional Student Education and Student Support

This site is the parent site for all things related to special education and  student support services in the district.

Thena C. Crowder Health Reports

Click here to see the latest Department of Health Report.

ASL Dictionary

Meet Dr. Bill at Lifeprint.  This is the site that we use to create our Word of the Day vocabulary pages!


Thena C. Crowder Energy Use

Click here to see Thena’s latest energy use graph.

Photographic Dictionary

This is the site of the picture dictionary that we often use for our Word of the Day.

Healthy Children.org

This is a site from the American Academy of Pediatrics—chock full of information on developmental milestones and concerns of all families.

The Children’s Trust

This site provides families in Miami-Dade a wealth of information from information about programs and services to advocacy.