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Thena C. Crowder Early Childhood Diagnostic & Special Education Center

757 NW 66th Street 

Miami, FL 33150

To contact us:

Dr. Ann Marie Sasseville, Site Administrator

Phone 305-836-0012

Fax: 305-836-6910


For more information:

Call Ms. Oneika McGee or email omcgee@dadeschools.net

Head Start

Thena C. Crowder currently houses the following Prekindergarten Special Education Programs:

                 Full-day Reverse Mainstream

                 Half-day Reverse Mainstream

                 Full-day Autism Spectrum Disorders

Placement in these programs is made by an Individual Education Plan (IEP) committee which includes the parents/guardians following an assessment. 

Children receive a developmentally appropriate curriculum in a structured environment to support academic, social-emotional, and language development.  A full range of services is available including  speech/language, occupational and physical therapy, as specified on the child’s IEP.

For more information:

Call Ms. Debbie McKinney or email dmckinney@dadeschools.net. 

Prekindergarten Special Education

Prekindergarten Diagnostic Team

Head Start is a federally funded program for preschool children three to five years of age in low income families.  Its aim is to prepare children for success in school through a developmentally appropriate early learning program.  Students receive healthy meals and snacks as a part of the program.  And families are offered educational programs and support services.

For more information:

Call Dr. Sasseville or email amsasseville@dadeschools.net.

The Prekindergarten Diagnostic Team provides evaluation services including educational, cognitive, social, speech/language and audiological (hearing) assessment, as appropriate, to students not currently enrolled in MDCPS.  There is no charge for these services.